Why Do I Always Feel Sick? - Cause of Chronically Feeling Sick Revealed!

If you're reading this article then I'm sure you are a lot like I was, asking the question why do I always feel sick? The truth of the matter is that it's an incredibly frustrating feeling to day in and day out feeling like garbage and never finding any kind of relief. Doctors appear to be of no help while your health just continues to drive downwards endlessly it would seem. If you've been trying to find the answer, read on because I'm going to let you know what's more than likely been making you feel sick.

To effectively answer the question why do I always feel sick, you need to look at what you surround yourself with in your life. This goes in both a literally and metaphorical sense, if you are constantly surrounding by negative people or stressful influences, your immune system will suffer as a result. When the immune system is weakened for some reason you are then likely to develop further, chronic illness. Beyond these factors though are also two I would consider the most important.


Allergies & Diet

Allergies: If there are improperly diagnosed allergies you respond to then your immune system will constantly be in an uphill battle to recover. In fact many times allergies are the hidden major cause of chronically feeling unwell. The reduction and elimination of these allergies is critical in making a total and complete recovery from always feeling sick.

Diet: Ths is a critical factor in that the food you eat directly affects the way your body functions in every possible way. Not only this but Diet is also a major factor in determining what grows in your body. As your body houses literally more microbes in and on it than the total amount of cells in your entire body this is a very important factor in terms of your health as the quality of these microbes literally translates into the overall health you experience. The North American diet though and many other modern diets around the world that primarily consume processed foods are literally making people sick through feeding a major health threat that remains in a somewhat dormant state in over 85% of the population... Candida Albicans.

If you haven't heard of Candida, essentially it is a fungus that grows in the majority of the population and can over-develop in many cases causing every symptom imaginable including:
o thrush
o athletes foot
o sore throat
o indigestion
o acid reflux
o abdominal gas
o headaches
o migraines
o excessive fatigue
o cravings for alcohol
o anxiety
o vaginitis
o rectal itching
o cravings for sweets
o persistent cough
o earaches
o low sex drive
o muscle weakness
o irritability
o learning difficulties
o sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals
o cognitive impairment
o inability to think clearly or concentrate
o hyperactivity
o mood swings
o diarrhea
o constipation
o hyperactivity
o itching
o acne
o eczema
o depression
o sinus inflammation
o pre-menstrual syndrome
o dizziness
o poor memory

If you can relate to any of the above symptoms then you need to immediately begin learning about Candida and how it can wreck your health. More importantly you need to address the cause of why you always feel sick.

Why Do I Always Feel Sick? - Cause of Chronically Feeling Sick Revealed!

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