Losing Weight and Staying That Way

Dieting doesn't mean not eating. It means healthy eating. That's the best way to lose weight. Not only do you burn excess fat, but you also maintain the weight that you desire once you've achieved it since you don't end up eating too much anymore. Here are a couple of ideas that will help you achieve just that.

Know what you're eating. Understanding what you eat is the best way to count how much fatty food you're taking in. Determine which types of food belong to the groups of carbohydrates, proteins or fats, and how many grams each of these dishes have.


Count your calories - Counting your calorie intake is half the battle, since losing weight is about burning more calories than consuming them. Make sure that you always get to do the math. There are lots of websites that give nearly accurate calorie counts of most food types that you can use as reference.

Start off slow. Don't go for drastic diet routines. That's just going to backfire on you. Make changes in your lifestyle little by little and work your way up. Cut down on one or two types of food you normally eat that's unhealthy and then move on to working on other stuff. Don't drop everything in an instant.

Eat slowly as well. Try to enjoy the food that you're eating more. Take time to chew your food properly rather than just gulping them down. This not only helps you digest your food better, but it makes you control your appetite as well. People who swallow their food faster tend to consume more food in one meal versus a person who takes his or her time with every bite. So eat slowly and lose weight faster.

Binge on veggies. If you're feeling hungry in the middle of the night, go for some fruit and vegetables. That's something that you won't regret, as opposed to having a slice of chocolate cake. Hunger pangs usually just require you to chew on something. So chew on greens.

Eat your breakfast, and have smaller meals for the day. Breakfast is important, so don't do most of your diet there. Instead, distribute the rest of you day's meals into small portions. That way you make sure that you only eat as much as you need. By sticking with lunch and dinner, you might get so hungry that you end up eating more than your body needs.

Cut down on Sugar. Avoiding most sugary stuff alone can significantly reduce your calorie intake. If you look at your eating lifestyle, you'd be surprised at how much sugar you eat every day - from sodas to dessert. Just imagine if you lost all that.

In conclusion, the secret to losing weight is eating properly. Knowing the tips above will definitely keep results coming in.

Losing Weight and Staying That Way

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