How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef

There is no great secret to cooking the perfect roast - just a bit of knowledge, the right tools, and the patience to let you meat rest after cooking and you'll find that it's actually hard to go wrong.

The are two sections below and you will only need one of them, depending on the size of your cut of meat. Once you start getting above 5kg (11 lb) you need to accept that things will be slower as it takes time for the heat to penetrate to the centre and cook the meat and yet you don't want to burn the outside of your roast.


One further piece of advice; go and buy a probe thermometer. You've probably seen them - they look like a steel meat skewer with a dial or digital thermometer face on the end. They range from - in Australia so you should be able to squeeze them into virtually any budget.

Why do you need one? Easy, they give you much more control by knowing what the actual temperature inside the thickest part of the meat is, rather than guessing or, even worse, cutting into the meat to see if it's cooked.

The instructions below are written so that you can get by quite well without a probe thermometer, but if you're going to reach the pinnacle of roast meat on a regular basis, eventually you're going to want one.

OK, let's get into it;

For Cuts/Joints Up To 5Kg (11 lb)

For Cuts/Joints Over 5Kg (11 lb)

Use this reference table if you have a thermometer probe, checking in the thickest part of the meat;

Blue - 49°C   (120°F)
Rare - 52°C   (125°F)
Med-Rare - 57°C   (135°F)
Medium - 63°C   (145°F)
Med-Well - 68°C   (155°F)
Well Done - 76°C   (170°F)

OK, that's everything you need to know.

How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef

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Nigel Laubsch has been experimenting with BBQ cooking techniques for over 25 years. Much of his experience was gained travelling through Indonesia, Thailand, China and Fiji. He now enjoys showing others how to grow, use and appreciate chillies and in 2005 presented the world's first Chilli Sauce Appreciation course at the University of Western Australia and has received rave reviews for the innovative content.

Birthday Messages












Morning I went to the church

The priest looked at me in awe

I never visit the church in mornings

"Father!"I tell him

"Today is her birthday"

On the way back the Sun I saw

Was shining brighter.

The birds flew high chirping love

I tell myself,"They might have known,

that today is her birthday"

All my friends were happy

For a dinner I gave as treat

A curious friend asked me why

"Dear"I tell him

"Today is her birthday"

I will never be dull even when the Sun is at West

For I knew very well

that I will live for the same day

to come again the years to follow

for this day will always be your birthday



If you are married

your wife will be happy

for you were born this day.

If you are not married

Your parents will be happy

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We will be happy as your friends

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Birthday Messages

Why is Refined Sugar - Known As White Sugar - Bad for You?

Americans consume between two to three pounds of sugar every week. The sugar is being processed in so many foods we eat. These foods are not just sweets. Sugar in large quantities can be found in peanut butter, mayonnaise, bread, ketchup and many other categorically "non-sweets" products.

Now let's get to the question: Why is Refined Sugar bad for you?


Refined Sugar is bad for you because it raises the insulin level in your blood.

Raised blood insulin levels depress the immune system. If your immune system is depressed then your ability to fight disease is weakened.

Raised blood insulin levels can cause weight gain. Insulin promotes the storage of fat; so, when you eat foods high in refined sugar, you increase fat storage. Obviously, the result is rapid weight gain.

Refined Sugar contains no vitamins or minerals so in order for sugar to be metabolized it must draw on the body's reserve of vitamins and minerals. When these reserves are depleted, metabolization of cholesterol and fatty acid is impeded, contributing to higher blood serum triglycerides, cholesterol, promoting obesity due to higher fatty acid storage around organs.

In summary here are ways that refined sugar can affect your health: o Sugar can suppress the immune system. o Sugar can upset the body's mineral balance. o Sugar can contribute to hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, concentration difficulties, and crankiness in children. o Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides. o Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children. o Sugar can reduce helpful high density cholesterol (HDLs). o Sugar can promote an elevation of harmful cholesterol (LDLs). o Sugar can cause hypoglycemia. o Sugar contributes to a weakened defense against bacterial infection. o Sugar can cause kidney damage. o Sugar can increase the risk of coronary heart disease. o Sugar may lead to chromium deficiency. o Sugar can cause copper deficiency. o Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium. o Sugar can increase fasting levels of blood glucose. o Sugar can promote tooth decay. o Sugar can produce an acidic stomach. o Sugar can raise adrenaline levels in children. o Sugar can lead to periodontal disease. o Sugar can speed the aging process, causing wrinkles and grey hair. o Sugar can increase total cholesterol. o Sugar can contribute to weight gain and obesity. o High intake of sugar increases the risk of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. o Sugar can contribute to diabetes. o Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis. o Sugar can cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity. o Sugar leads to decreased glucose tolerance. o Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease. o Sugar can increase systolic blood pressure. o Sugar causes food allergies. o Sugar can cause free radical formation in the bloodstream. o Sugar can cause toxemia during pregnancy. o Sugar can contribute to eczema in children. o Sugar can overstress the pancreas, causing damage. o Sugar can cause atherosclerosis. o Sugar can compromise the lining of the capillaries. o Sugar can cause liver cells to divide, increasing the size of the liver. o Sugar can increase the amount of fat in the liver. o Sugar can increase kidney size and produce pathological changes in the kidney. o Sugar can cause depression. o Sugar can increase the body's fluid retention. o Sugar can cause hormonal imbalance. o Sugar can cause hypertension. o Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines. o Sugar can cause an increase in delat, alpha and theta brain waves, which can alter the mind's ability to think clearly. o Sugar can increase blood platelet adhesiveness which increases risk of blood clots and strokes. o Sugar can increase insulin responses in those consuming high-sugar diets compared to low sugar diets. o Sugar increases bacterial fermentation in the colon.

Bullet List Source:

Why is Refined Sugar - Known As White Sugar - Bad for You?

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Recommended Diet For Asthma Patients

Asthma can trigger off due to various factors so it is important to take control of these factors that may influence a person adversely resulting in the manifestation of the symptoms. Diet is very important in controlling and even correcting certain symptoms. It is very important thus to have proper diet regulations when dealing with asthma.

Diet is dependent upon the age of a person and so it becomes extremely important to take care of the age of the patient before planning the diet. The general guidelines to be followed remain very straightforward. It is imperative to keep the diet very simple and without much spices. It is important to not eat very heavy meals as they generally tend to put additional pressure over the system. At night time it is absolutely necessary that an asthmatic person should never ever take a heavy meal because it may cause discomfort in breathing and may even lead to an attack.


Several food allergens cause allergic reactions leading to triggering off of asthmatic symptoms. Many food additives create adverse reactions in the asthma patients so they are best avoided. Also excess consumption of sweets leads to exertion on the system which may cause trouble in breathing. The food that is fried and oily should also be avoided so as to not put undue pressure on the system. Sour food items like chutneys and pickles should also not be consumed as they may cause coughing and lead to undue pressure on the chest region.

Asthma patients should also concentrate more on eating vegetarian diets rather than non vegetarian ones because of the same reason of avoidance of pressure exertion on the system. The diet regulations have to be followed for life so it is better to induce variety in the diet so as to overcome the general feeling of monotony and boredom.

The patients should also be encouraged to eat lighter and more frequent meals than heavier and standard meals. Also care should be taken to have the dinner at least two hours before sleeping time so that the system is relatively relaxed owing to stomach being almost empty at night time just before sleeping. Certain special recommendations have to be followed while deciding the diets of asthmatic children and elderly people.

Diet for children suffering with asthma: The asthmatic children tend to lose weight more rapidly than they ever can manage to gain. The basic metabolic rate of a child is higher than an adult and the children also engage more in hectic physical activity. The stage of the body is fast changing and supposed to be rapidly growing so more calories are needed to support the growth requirement of the body.

The calorie requirement of a child's body is much higher than that of an adult for all these reasons. The children need more of proteins and carbohydrates. Their diet needs to be balanced for vitamins and minerals also so that no extra supplements are needed by the body. So care should be taken to keep the diet of asthmatic kids well balanced in all respect and at the same time they should not be made too heavy in any nutrient as that would unnecessarily cause extra pressure on the child's system.

Care should be taken to not make the diet too oily or too spicy. Too much of cooking destroys the nutrient levels of the food and the food thus will not be able to meet up with the nutritional requirements of the body. Oily and spicy food will also cause much of stress on the system which is best avoided in asthmatic kids.

The child's diet should not have sour items as they can cause coughing and sore throat. The meal hours should be fixed and not many changes should be done in them very frequently. Along with the nutritional content of the food it is best to keep the variety and likes and dislikes of the child in mind before serving a meal. It is best to avoid monotony as the kids grow bored very quickly and need to have their interest enlivened all the time.

Water intake of the child needs to be carefully monitored and the child needs to be encouraged to consume more water. This is helpful in counteracting the sweat that is secreted often during the attacks and at other times. The sweets should be allowed to be consumed in very little quantities.

A regular pattern of a healthy and wholesome breakfast, nutritious lunch and a light dinner is very important to be followed. A heavy dinner at night is the main culprit behind causing night time attacks.

Diet for elderly people suffering with asthma: In the old people the physical activity is less and so their calorie requirement is also very less. This makes it very necessary to follow all the other dietary regulations that have been previously described.

Apart from all the regular controls the most important thing to be followed is that the patient should have very high restriction of fat intake in the diet. Also to meet the requirements of the body vitamin and mineral supplementation is highly recommended. If the patient is under any medication its effects should be carefully studied so that they may not trigger off any other serious side effects. Counteracting the side effects through diet is also very beneficial.

Recommended Diet For Asthma Patients

Learn More About Bronchitis Asthma, Asthma Cure and Asthma Diet at - Asthma Information and Treatment Guide.

Desserts in a Hurry - How to Make 15 Minute Desserts

It is possible to make desserts in fifteen minutes, which is good news if you suddenly have a craving for something sweet or if you have some last minute guests. One of the best ways to do this is to always make sure you have the right staples stocked in your pantry and refrigerator. You can make a basic dessert using a can of fruit and some whipped cream, a scoop of ice cream and a handful of cookies or a packet of instant pudding, some milk, and a pre-made pie crust.

Some instant pudding can be transformed into a pie or a layered dessert. Do not be afraid to add ingredients to dessert mixes and make them unique. A good dessert does not have to be made from scratch and you might be surprised to learn that not everything is made from scratch in restaurants, even top restaurants, because these days there are so many mixes and packets that we can use to help up.


That is not to say that we have to live on boxed food or packet mixtures but if you are in a rush, you can use something like that as a basis for your quick and easy dessert recipe.

Making Quick Yet Tasty Desserts

Fruit can be transformed into something special in as little as fifteen minutes with the addition of some ice cream, whipped cream, and ice cream syrup. Perhaps you have some marshmallows, raisins or chocolate chips lying around, in which case you can use those too.

There are so many desserts you can make on the fly. What about making homemade ice cream sandwiches by sandwiching vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips between store-bought cookies? You can buy pre-made crepes or tortillas if you do not want to make your own, and fill them with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Take chances and combine different flavors to come up with exciting desserts. Experimenting is the best way to discover new dessert recipes. Remember that fruit trifle was only invented because somebody messed up a cake recipe. A culinary mistake can turn into something delicious and impressive which your family will like a lot.

Recipe for Lime Infused Mexican Strawberries

This delicious and easy dessert is perfect if you happen to enjoy Mexican dessert recipes. Feel free to substitute Grand Marnier or another orange liqueur for the Kahlua.

Also, you could use lemon juice instead of the lime juice. This is a light and refreshing dessert which is ideal if you are pressed for time or if you want something light and fruity rather than heavy.

You will need:

  • 1 lb hulled, sliced fresh strawberries
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon Kahlua (Mexican chocolate liqueur)
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar

How to make it:

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and let it stand for about ten minutes, or until the strawberries release their juice. Stir the dessert a couple of times during this time. Serve chilled, either alone or with whipped cream or a scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream on the side.

Desserts in a Hurry - How to Make 15 Minute Desserts

There are so many tasty Mexican dessert recipes and other recipes that you can make quickly if you are in a rush. A lot of Mexican recipes are based on fresh produce and simple flavors, making them perfect if you have last minute guests or a sudden craving for something sweet. The Sweet Side of Mexican Food

America's Top 5 Chocolate Candy Brands

Often referred to as the sweetest pleasure of mankind, Chocolate candy is one of the top sellers in America after a long time before enjoying it. Chocolate was discovered by Mayans of the Yucatán Peninsula, in México about 2,600 years ago or so, as evidence found in ruins suggest.

When the Aztecs arrived to the Valley of Mexico, the term chocolate was coined, derived from its Náhuatl name. However, chocolate was only prepared as a beverage or chewed as cacao bean. In this period of history, the World's Finest Chocolates were totally out of scope.


Chocolate candy was taken to Europa by the hand of conqueror Hernán Cortés, who introduced it to Spain in the 16th century. It was not until the next century when it got back to New England, after the first British settlements overseas, although it is possible that American Native tribes knew how to prepare chocolate beverage.

The following centuries saw the growth of candy manufacturers introducing some of the finest brands, such as Hershey chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate, Nestle chocolate and Lindt Chocolates, just to name a few.

It was during the 19th century when the World's Finest Chocolates would be manufactured following a period of industrialization. The Switzerland chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli was founded in 1845, producer of the world-famous Lindt Chocolates.

Later Nestlé, another Switzerland Company, joined to the venture manufacturing sweeteners in 1866, but Nestle chocolate candy and other food products began to be distributed in all of Europe and America around the turn of the century.

As chocolate candy became more popular and accepted worldwide, more companies were established, and many others disappeared shortly after. In the United States, the pioneer was Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, founded in 1852. Ghirardelli chocolate was the first American brand.

Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey Chocolate Company after visiting the Columbian Exposition. Hershey sold his former Lancaster Caramel Company, but retained the rights to produce American chocolate products. Hershey chocolate was just the beginning of one of the most successful business in the United States.

Along with Lindt Chocolates, Nestle chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate, and Hershey chocolate, Mars is the other brand of chocolate candy sharing the top five as producer of some of the World's Finest Chocolates.

The American company Mars Incorporated was founded by Frank C. in 1920 which specialized in a chocolate candy bar with caramel, internationally known as the Mars Bar, and his son and wife developed the famous chocolates M&M's.

Different brands from different origins, the top chocolate candy brands are manufactured in America, preferred by consumers for about one hundred years, and ahead of other chocolate products distributed or produced in the United States, a nation that exports today the World's Finest Chocolates all over the world.

America's Top 5 Chocolate Candy Brands

Natalie Aranda writes on family, food and shopping. Often referred to as the sweetest pleasure of mankind, Chocolate candy is one of the top sellers in America after a long time before enjoying it. Along with Lindt Chocolates, Nestle chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate, and Hershey chocolate, Mars is the other brand of chocolate candy sharing the top five as producer of some of the World's Finest Chocolates. As chocolate candy became more popular and accepted worldwide, more companies were established, and many others disappeared shortly after. In the United States, the pioneer was Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, founded in 1852. Ghirardelli chocolate was the first American brand.

Sweets, Carbohydrates, and the Diabetic Diet

Diabetes is a very common illness. It can lead to very serious and even fatal complications. Surprisingly, simply eating the right foods and getting enough exercise is enough to keep the diabetic healthy. This article tackles the two most difficult to manage foods for diabetics which are sweets and carbohydrate-rich dishes.

The Diabetic Diet should not completely eliminate sugar because even a person with diabetes needs glucose in his or her blood. One can eat sweets once or twice each week. It should be noted however than in each meal that has sweets included there should be a corresponding decrease in the carbohydrate content of the rest of the meal. This will help maintain a stable blood glucose level even after eating sweets. This however should be done in moderation because sacrificing carbohydrates for sugar is not good for the body. If you really like sweet foods you can also choose to find alternatives that taste as sweet by have lower sugar content. Also, eat sweets slowly. Savor each small bite so that the treat lasts longer.


The Diabetic Diet should include an accurate carbohydrate count to make sure the carbohydrate consumption does not exceed the safety limits nor go below the minimum dosage required. Carbohydrates are the primary energy suppliers of the body and too little carbohydrate intake can lead to lack of energy and even increased body weight. It is also ideal if you select the type of carbohydrates that you eat. Simple carbohydrates such as those found in processed and preserved foods have very low nutritional value while complex carbohydrates also come with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Complex carbohydrates also take longer to digest which means that you will stay full longer. Complex carbohydrates are very helpful in helping you lose weight which is also one of the goals of a Diabetic Diet.

Diabetic Diet
The meal plan for each day should include just the right amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Too much is never good, as well as too little. The details of the diabetic's illness therefore should first be clear so that the dietician is able to determine the exact amount of vitamins, minerals, sugar, and carbohydrates that the diabetic's body requires. Each meal should be small so as not to let the body absorb more nutrients than what it can handle. The meals should also come in regular intervals to maintain the stability of glucose in the bloodstream.

Sweets, Carbohydrates, and the Diabetic Diet

We provide in-depth information on diabetic diet including sample menus, recipes and food guides for diabetics. Get free sample menus and recipes at

Apple Crisp For Diabetics (Tasty For Anyone!)

If you have a diabetic among your family and/or friends, there is no need to worry about what to serve for dessert. There is also no need to make two desserts, one for the diabetic and one for everyone else. With this delicious Apple Crisp recipe, everyone can enjoy the same dessert and you won't hear one complaint. That is because this dessert doesn't taste like a "diabetic dessert". When you serve this recipe, no one will guess you just served them a diabetic crisp. If you and the diabetic don't tell, no one will ever know!



1/2 cup Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

4 cups peeled and thinly sliced apples (Rome recommended)


1 1/4 cups quick cooking oats

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 cup Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

3/4 cup chopped nuts

1/2 cup butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly spray an 8-inch square baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside.

To make the apple filling, combine brown sugar blend, flour, and cinnamon in a large bowl. Add apples, tossing to coat. Spoon into the prepared baking dish. Set aside.

To make topping, combine oats, flour, brown sugar blend and nuts in a bowl. Stir in butter. The mixture will be crumbly. Spoon over the apples mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until the apples are bubbly and the topping is golden brown. Best when served warm.

NOTE: Yield: 9 servings at 310 calories, 38 carbs, 4 grams protein each. As with all fruits, there is the natural sugar of the apples and a high carb count. However, the oats and nuts counter balance most of that. Enjoy this dessert after a meal that has a good protein count. You would not want to serve this dessert after a pasta or vegetarian meal. And as with all desserts, it is not a good idea to over indulge!


Apple Crisp For Diabetics (Tasty For Anyone!)

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Chocolate Milkshake Recipe - 4 Chocolicious Chocolate Milkshakes

Smooth, creamy, frothy, these are just a few of the descriptions that run through our heads when we indulge in that all-time popular frozen confection: the chocolate milkshake. It seems like the rise of the chocolate milkshake came at the same time that drugstores of old began selling soda fountain drinks consisting of a scoop of ice cream with tantalizing flavors added.

It was inevitable, I guess, that once chocolate syrup was poured over ice cream in a dish, that it would one day wind up in a glass. For the past forty years or so, millions of people have enjoyed a frosty chocolate milkshake as part of a traditional fast food meal of hamburger and French fries. Of course, it's just as delicious all by itself, but the fast food restaurants have caught on to our absolute love for the chocolate shake.


What happens if you wake up from a nice nap and experience a craving for a frosty chocolate milkshake? That's right, you need to make one right then and there. Luckily, there are some great easy-to-make recipes for making a homemade chocolate milkshake that will help to satisfy your thirsty tastebuds.

The three recipes below are all variations of the basic chocolate milkshake. I suggest you try them all, since it's hard to pick a favorite.

=> Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Milkshake

What can you say about a chocolate milkshake that features cherries except, mmmm.

4 scoops vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

3/4 cup cold milk

1/4 cup chocolate syrup

3 maraschino cherries, stems removed

Whipped topping & additional cherry


Place ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup and cherries in blender. Blend until smooth. Garnish with whipped topping and cherry.

=> Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake

This is the most decadent of all four chocolate milkshake recipes. If you are on a diet, please move along; nothing to see here. If you could care less about calories - enjoy!

1/2 oz. pkg. cream cheese

2 cups milk

6 scoops chocolate ice cream


Place cream cheese and 1 cup milk in a blender. Blend until smooth. Place the remaining milk and ice cream in blender, and continue to blend until smooth.

=> Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: Chunky Monkey Milkshake

This is a delicious milkshake that will have you swinging from the trees and making funny noises. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you'll definitely feel happy with every sip.

3 scoops vanilla ice cream

2 tablespoons chocolate chips

1/2 banana

1 tablespoon instant coffee

2 tablespoon chocolate syrup

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla


Blend on medium for 1 minute.

=> Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: Whoppers Malt Milkshake

You remember how much you loved Whoppers candy as a kid. Whoppers are famous for their chocolate malt flavor. I bet you ate plenty of them while you were at the movie theatre. Here's your chance to enjoy that same malted milkball taste in the form of a milkshake. Guaranteed to temporarily bring you back to some fun childhood memories.

2 - 3 scoops vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

1/3 cup cold milk

3 tablespoons chocolate malt syrup

Whipped cream topping


Place ice cream, milk and chocolate malt syrup in blender. Blend until smooth. Garnish with whipped topping and cherry.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe - 4 Chocolicious Chocolate Milkshakes

Easy to make – fun to drink


Dessert for Diabetics - How To Make Good Low Carb Desserts

If you are diabetic, you may think that dessert is out of the question. But desert for diabetics exist. As you know, diabetics must limit their intake of sweet, but that does not mean you have to eliminate all sugar. You just need to make sure that you only eat sweet foods in moderation.

Eating high carbohydrate foods such as dessert should be done in the same meal protein and fiber to help balance your blood sugar. You also need to have just a small portion of sugar laden foods. Make sure that you limit the number of servings of dessert available if you are prone to eating too much sugar.


Excellent desserts can be made from fruit. Basing your dessert recipes on fresh fruits is an excellent way to create a lower carbohydrate dessert that is still delicious in addition to being more nutritious than most other desserts available. Fruits are naturally sweet and the fiber in fruit helps to keep your blood sugar stable. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are delicious when topped with some low sugar whipped topping.

A substitute for pie can be some cooked fruit with a crumb topping. An excellent low-carb crumb topping can be made from crushed nuts. If you want more of a pastry feel, you can use low-carb Graham crackers. A high-fiber cereal can also be a good substitute for a crumb topping.

A smoothie is a great substitute for ice cream when it is made from whole fruit and ice cubes. Any fruit you like will work in a smoothie. You can also add milk for a better ice cream like feel. You can even sneak some vegetables into your smoothie by adding a carrot or even a few spinach leaves. You may want a high powered blender so that everything is as smooth as possible, but I can assure you from personal experience that a fruit and vegetable smoothie with plenty of ice is just as good as ice cream and much better for you.

An idea if you are diabetic and love chocolate, is to combine a small amount of sugar with cocoa powder and mix it with a banana for a substitute for chocolate pudding or chocolate mousse. The banana is more nutritious than any pudding you'll find, and also has fiber.

Dessert diabetics can be a challenge, but with some creativity you can adapt many regular desserts into diabetic friendly versions and be just as happy with the results.

For more information about diabetic diets, visit

Dessert for Diabetics - How To Make Good Low Carb Desserts

Valerie has vast experience with her own weight loss journey and enjoys researching diets, supplements, and techniques that can assist in losing weight. A lifelong love of reading, writing, and research on weight loss has resulted in her site,, a growing resource for those seeking information on a variety of diets and dietary needs.

Viburnum Dilatatum 'Cardinal Candy'

Cold hardy, disease resistant and beautiful - what more could you ask for?

In the winter of 1990, the temperature at Rodney Henneke's farm in Indiana dipped to 30 degrees below zero. Henneke, a plant breeder, had grown several Virburnum dilatatum from seed. The extremely cold temperatures killed all of the plants except for one - 'Cardinal Candy.' From the moment he discovered this, Henneke knew he had a very special plant.


'Cardinal Candy' will bring beauty and interest to your garden for all four seasons year after year. From late spring into summer, it will be smothered in shiny dark green leaves and creamy white flowers. The small flowers are clustered in 5 inch flat heads and are absolutely outstanding. In mid-late summer, bright red berries replace the flowers - these are the true highlight of 'Cardinal Candy.' The abundant, glossy red fruits are produced without a pollinator and will light up your garden throughout autumn, often right into mid winter. They are so shiny, that you'll think they've been dipped in lacquer. The autumn foliage is russet red - enhancing the berry display in October and November.

'Cardinal Candy' will mature into a well-branched, rounded shrub reaching 6 feet high and wide. It will adapt to most soil types and does best in full sun to part shade. 'Cardinal Candy' will fit nicely in most any landscape, especially as a background plant in the perennial garden, in a border or as a specimen plant. It is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. We often use Viburnum 'Cardinal Candy' combined Viburnums 'Blue Muffin' and 'Michael Dodge' where moderate-sized deciduous screening is called for. The combination of red, blue and yellow berries is quite striking indeed. We guarantee that you will love 'Cardinal Candy!'

Planting and Care">Click here to view 'Cardinal Candy' on the Carroll Gardens website.

Viburnum Dilatatum 'Cardinal Candy'

Alan Summers, president of Carroll Gardens, Inc., has over 30 years experience in gardening and landscape design. He has made Carroll Gardens one of America’s preeminent nurseries, having introduced more than 20 new perennials and woody shrubs over the years and reintroduced numerous “lost” cultivars back to American gardeners.

Carroll Gardens publishes a weekly online newsletter written by Alan. It contains valuable gardening advice and tips and answers to customer questions. Click here to sign up for the Carroll Gardens weekly enewsletter.

Every Saturday, Alan hosts a call-in gardening forum on WCBM radio - 680 AM. For those outside of the WCBM listening area, they can listen to radio show via the internet.

Visit to learn more.

The History of Skittles Candy - A Sweet Testament to Marketing Innovation

The History of Skittles Candy has come a long way since the 'Skittles Original' packages made their way to American shores. It has been about 30 years and the makers of the colorful candy brand continue to be innovative in their efforts to capture more sugar candy market share. Following the history of Skittles Candy sweets, their product development and their marketing reveal the marks of a great brand. And being ahead of the trend curve has been a policy with Mars Snackfood US brands, which is why they currently have two of the top five sugar brands.

The first campaign that led the Skittles Original brand invasion came under the theme 'Taste the Rainbow. Any one who has followed the History of Skittles Candy can tell you it was hugely successful. Who could ever doubt the authenticity or dare I say divinity of sweets whose colors perfectly match the magnificent aura of the rainbow.


Through out the history of Skittles sweets, staying on top is no doubt the intent of the company in keeping lock step with theme of 'taste the rainbow for almost 10-years. So, "why fix it if it's not broke?" Well, the sugary sands of public tastes shift over time. Teenagers that were polled thought that the earlier ads were too boring. So the producers experimented with other bylines that further engaged their largest consumer, the youth of America. The ad, 'Believe the Rainbow,' was thus born. The ever popular Skittles flavors, Tropical Skittles and Wild Berry Skittles, were released during this time around 1989 closely followed by Sour Skittles in 2000.

The pollsters also discovered that school age children were not only interested in Skittles Flavors for the fruit taste. They also liked them for the purpose of throwing them at friends, bouncing them as well or just plain making noise with them. The history of Skittles Candy further developed with this revelation and led to the hatching yet another campaign. This time it was 'Experience the Rainbow'

Being relevant to their fans is a mission with Mars, so in March 2009 the Company decided to jump on the social media band wagon and launched a new look to its internet presence - a web portal. From the Original Fruit Skittles and Tropical Skittles to the wildly popular Chocolate Skittles and Crazy Cores the sweets' creators continue to experiment and innovate with varied flavors to their products. After all when it comes to taste - 'the customer is always right'.

Other Skittles flavors and product innovations followed including Smoothie Mix, Ice Cream, Carnival, Double Sour, Mint and Extreme Fruit Gum-Skittles Gum. The most recent additions to the family are the Chocolate Skittles (Mix) and Skittles Crazy Cores.

The history of Skittles Candy is colorful indeed. A story that is rarely told has it that, the the first man to ever see a rainbow was actually popping sugary round tarts into his mouth as he watched the sun set off the stern of his ark-like ship. Whether that is fact or urban legend let's leave it to our imagination. As for the delightful fruit flavors of Skittle Candy you only have to buy a box and taste to see whether their story is real.

The History of Skittles Candy - A Sweet Testament to Marketing Innovation

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Fatty Liver Diet Recipes - Will I Have To Give Up The Foods I Love If I Have Fatty Liver Disease?

Healthy fatty liver diet recipes do exist and the good news is you'll have plenty of variety to keep your taste buds from getting bored. The good thing about a diet plan for fatty liver is that it isn't much different from a highly nutritious, healthy diet for the average person.

In most cases, you won't have to completely give up the foods you love. You'll just have to be more conscious about how much you're eating, paying special attention to the amount of fat you're consuming. More fat in your diet leads to more fat congestion in your liver. What you want is a nutritious, vitamin-rich and balanced diet where nothing is eaten in excess.


In her ebook, "The Fatty Liver Diet Guide", veteran liver nurse, Dorothy Spencer, offers up over 30 fatty liver friendly diet recipes. These range from simple appetizers like salmon spread to main courses such as Caribbean shrimp 'n peas. Even mouth-watering dessert recipes are included. Dorothy states, "The goal of this cookbook section is not to present you with gourmet dishes, but with healthful meals that fit within the dietary needs of a fatty liver patient."

So as you can see, there are plenty of fantastic foods you can enjoy while you work on reducing fat in your liver. However, as you create your daily meals, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind in regards to the foods you eat.

Your main goal will be to reduce excess fat consumption. Most medical professionals agree fat should make up no more than 30% of your overall daily caloric intake. This means if you're consuming 1500 calories per day, then no more than 450 of those calories should come from fat.

9 calories is equivalent to 1 gram of fat, so to put it in easier to measure terms, you shouldn't consume more than 50 grams of fat for a 1500 calorie diet. A 1200 to 1500 calorie diet will help you lose weight while reducing fat in the liver.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Go for brown rice and whole grains instead of white rice or white bread.
  • Opt for pasta instead of egg noodles.
  • If you don't want to give up sweets, then opt for pies over cakes. Try to avoid things like doughnuts, cookies, and other high-fat sweets.
  • Focus on foods high in complex carbohydrates and avoid foods rich in simple carbohydrates like candy.
  • Substitute 2% and whole milk with 1% or skim milk.
  • Go for saturated fats over unsaturated fats, but consume all fats sparingly.
  • Avoid high fat salad dressings and other condiments. Seek out low-fat and non-fat alternatives.
  • Choose lean white meats (chicken, turkey, fish) over dark meats (pork, beef). Cut all excess fat off meats before cooking or eating and try to avoid meats from high fat areas such as ribs and wings.
  • Include foods high in fiber and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and drink soda, high sugar fruit juices, and energy drinks sparingly.

Fatty Liver Diet Recipes - Will I Have To Give Up The Foods I Love If I Have Fatty Liver Disease?

Next, now is the time to formulate the best diet plan for reducing a fatty liver: Fatty Liver Diet Recipes

If you really want to improve your health and stop FLD from progressing to Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH), Cirrhosis, or worse, then learn how to reduce liver fat now by visiting: Fatty Liver Diet Plan

Candy Bar School Fundraising - Choosing Your Candy

Candy is an essential part of any candy bar school fundraiser. The candy that you choose will determine how easy it is to sell your product and will determine how much money your school is able to earn. Choosing the right candy doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you make your selection.

What is the Profit Margin?


Different types of candies offer different profit margins. Make sure that you know how much profit you can earn with each candy bar before you make your choice. Profitability is important, but so is being able to sell the candy. Don't choose a high profit candy bar that won't sell over a popular candy that will easily sell. By choosing a candy choice that is both profitable and popular you will earn more money.

Does My Fundraising Company Offer The Candy?

Your students may want to sell a particular type of candy. Before you commit, make sure that the candy is offered by your school fundraising company. While you can go out and purchase candy on your own, it is much easier to work with a fundraising company. In most cases it is also more profitable since they are able to offer candy at a much lower initial cost than if you tried to purchase the same product on your own. If your fundraising company doesn't offer the candy that you want, see what other options they have available.

Will It Melt?

Chocolate bars are always a popular choice for school fundraisers, but you do need to remember that they can melt. This is especially important to remember if you live in a hot climate. Melted candy bars cannot be sold or returned and will just be lost profits for your school. If you do choose to sell candy that will melt during warm weather have a plan in mind for candy storage so that you can sell your candy bars without ruining them.

Can We Sell It?

Many schools have instituted strong guidelines for treats that are sold at school. This means that in some areas you will not be able to sell candy bars on your school campus. If this is the case in your school, you might want to consider selling healthy treats since the school is one of the best places to make money on a candy bar fundraiser.

Suckers, Chocolates or Other Sweet Treats?

Many school fundraising companies offer a variety of different treats to schools. These treat options often include suckers or lollipops, chocolate bars and candy items like gummy worms or jelly beans. Each type of candy has its benefits. For example chocolate bars often earn more profit per item sold than smaller treats like a lollipop. Lollipops are often very affordable which means that almost anyone can buy one using just their spare change. Some items melt and some are popular choices with students. Before you make your final decision think about the benefits of each type of candy and use these benefits to choose the best choice for your school. Remember if you have trouble choosing, you can always hold more than one school fundraiser.

The right candy is essential to the success of your fundraiser. Make your decision carefully and don't forget to ask your student sellers if they have a preference about the type of candy your school will sell.

Candy Bar School Fundraising - Choosing Your Candy

The Goodies Factory fundraising company specializes in cookie dough fundraiser. In fact, we make our own cookie dough in our FDA inspected facilities. We have over five different cookie brochures, over 15 gift brochures, over 20 types of lollipops and Dollar and Hershey's candy bars. We also have an extensive prize program which includes daily prize programs and grand prizes like limo lunch and bouncy house.

Choosing a Vintage Liverpool Football Shirt - A Look at 3 Liverpool Retro Shirts From the Past

When you have the kind of history that Liverpool has, with their never ending roll of honours, you are no doubt going to have a number of cool looking Liverpool retro shirts to celebrate those great achievements of the past.

Unfortunately for Liverpool, after a very disappointing season in the league, a vintage Liverpool football shirt is beginning to look a more attractive purchase than the current replica shirts.


It is when you begin to look at the different Liverpool retro shirts available at specialist websites online that you see just how successful this club once was and why not challenging for the title, year on year, is almost unthinkable by their supporters. Perhaps buying a vintage Liverpool football shirt and reminiscing about past glories might be good therapy for disgruntled fans.

Below we look at three Liverpool retro shirts from the not so distant past, which will bring a welcome smile to all Liverpool fans around the world.

Liverpool 1984 European Cup Winners Shirt

In 1984, Liverpool were crowned the Kings of Europe for a fourth time, winning the European Cup in Rome by beating Roma 4-2 on penalties. The exciting climax to the game is perhaps best remembered by goalkeeper, Bruce Grobbelaar's leg-wobbling antics.

The Liverpool retro shirts are made from 100% Polyester and are based around a red shirt with thin gold stripes and a white and red trim around the sleeves and collar. The vintage Liverpool football shirt also has the text 'European Cup Final Rome 1984′ embroidered in gold around a gold coloured Liver Bird, which is of course the club's mascot.

Liverpool 1988-89 Away Shirt

There was a time in the eighties when grey became the fashionable colour for a side's away strip. During the time that Liverpool adopted this trend they just so happened to have a great squad of players that were very successful, including the likes of Jan Molby, Ray Houghton, Peter Beardsley and John Barnes.

The Liverpool retro shirts are based around a light grey shirt with red trim on the collar and a red stripe down the sleeves. The club actually kept this design for two consecutive seasons, except that the sponsors changed from Crown Paints to Candy during that time.

Liverpool 1986 Double Winners Shirt

Having tied up the league earlier in the season, a victory over Merseyside rivals, Everton, in the FA Cup clinched the double, in 1986 and this wonderful vintage Liverpool football shirt celebrates that great achievement. Incidentally, these Liverpool retro shirts were also worn in the 10-0 demolition of Fulham the following season, in the Littlewoods Cup.

The vintage Liverpool football shirt is red in colour with the club's Liver Bird mascot in white and the sponsors "Crown Paints" emblazoned across the front.

Choosing a Vintage Liverpool Football Shirt - A Look at 3 Liverpool Retro Shirts From the Past

So where can you purchase a vintage Liverpool football shirt?

Retro Football Shirts reviews all different kinds of classic soccer shirts, including the three Liverpool retro shirts described in the article.

Spring Holidays

Celebrate the Spring Holidays in Style

Every holiday deserves a celebration, and the spring season is full of them! Whether you're simply celebrating the end of winter or taking part in time-honored traditions, you'll want to shop what's hot. Check out the top three trends for the three biggest spring holidays.


St. Patrick's Day

Let's face it. Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day. It's probably the least holy of holidays with all the bagpipe-playing parades, wearing of green and hours of beer guzzling. But before you settle down with your pints and hearty servings of Shepherd's pie, you'll want to spread a little leprechaun love to all ye' friends and family.

1. Personalize. Add a personal touch to your celebration with personalized beer mugs and apparel, or hats and buttons with your favorite Irish phrases.

2. Accessorize. Above all, don't forget to buy green clothes, lest you run the risk of the traditional pinch o' the arm that comes with not wearing the festive color.

3. Indulge. By the piece or by the pound, share some sweetness with custom chocolate and candy bars cloaked in customizable wrappers.


According to the National Confectioners Association, 76 percent of Americans believe you should bite the ears of a chocolate bunny first. How will you and your family members be eating yours this Easter?

1. Chocolatize. Personalize your Easter baskets with more than just the standard chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps. Choose customized Easter candy bars in various shapes and sizes with customizable wrappers.

2. Get Eggs-citing. Feeling like unique Easter favors are hard to find (even before the Easter Bunny hides them)? If you're looking for something beyond the standard cottontail confection, imprinted plastic Easter eggs add a personal and pretty touch.

3. Find the Fashion. The word Easter conjures up pastels and floral prints, but you can give an outfit some fun Easter flair with personalized Easter-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts.


Wear silly costumes. Play pranks. Feast. Play cards and games, and maybe even drink a little. While this may sound like any college student's idea of a perfect evening, it's actually the traditional way to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim.

1. Honor Tradition. Giving Purim gifts of food to friends and family is one of the Mitzvot (commandments) of this Jewish holiday. But it's not just about plunking a few items in a basket. Select a mix of savory and sweet items like gourmet chocolate and candy.

2. Fill 'er up. Collect your candy and sweets in personalized refillables like water bottles, candy containers, eco-friendly bags and even customized coffee mugs.

3. Dress the part. Want to get into the Purim spirit without a full-blown costume? Design your own custom shirts or hoodies with your own personal message or image.

Spring Holidays

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Easy Steps You Can Do Now To Have A Flatter Belly Without Diet Or Exercise!

A flatter belly is what most people especially women always say that they want the most when asked. While achieving a wash-board stomach or six pack may not be attainable for many, there are many habits that cause the belly to appear bigger than what it should be. If you want to know how to lose belly fat fast, here are some easy steps that can help you shrink your belly and have nothing to do with exercise or dieting.

1. Stress Management


Most people do not realize how stress can impact their overall health negatively and make the body more susceptible to sickness and disease. While being stressed out usually leads many people to grab a bag of chips or chocolate or some other foods that increase body fat, stress itself can actually lead to belly fat even without reaching for these foods.

Many experts have discovered that cortisol the stress hormone, actually leads to the body storing more fat cells around the stomach area. Why this happens remains unknown. Finding effective stress management techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, etc, to reduce stress, will not only improve your general health but you will be able to shrink your belly fat fast.

2. Hydration

You have probably heard it before but it works. Your body needs to be properly hydrated so that your cells do not hold on to water which would happen if your body is dehydrated which then leads to puffiness and water weight. Water also helps to ensure proper digestion which means that you will not be constipated or gassy which increases the size of the belly.

To prevent bloating which gives you a wider girth than you would normally have, ensure that you drink between eight to ten eight ounce glasses of water a day. Consider drinking a glass of hot water first thing in the morning with a touch of lemon added to it. This will help to kick start your digestion as well as your metabolism which will help burn more calories.

3. Sleeping Beauty

Ensuring that you get enough shut eye will help you lose belly fat. Not getting enough sleep messes up with the production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin which will cause you to be hungrier which usually leads to overeating. Most fitness professionals know that not getting enough sleep also makes work outs ineffective and the attempts to lose weight will fail if adequate sleep is not part of a weight loss plan. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and also see if you can go to bed by 9:00 PM at least one night a week.

4. Learn How To Breathe

Most people when they inhale or exhale, do so through their belly which causes the stomach to feel up with air. The proper way to breathe is to let the rib cage expand. To practice breathing properly, lie on your belly with an object such as a towel that is rolled up, placed across and under your navel and then start to breathe deeply.

This will ensure that you do not push your stomach out while breathing. You will be able to correctly breathe by expanding the ribcage and not the belly which will ensure that every part of the lungs receives air.

Practicing this every day for five to ten minutes will ensure that you become used to this proper way of breathing and it becomes second nature. It will also help you relieve stress which as discussed above will help to shrink belly fat.

5. Say No To Artificial Sweeteners

Or at least cut back on the amount you consume a day if you are sensitive to these artificial sweeteners as many people are. Being sensitive to these sweeteners means that they are unrecognizable as food by your body which will then not know how to break them down during digestion. Since the body does not know how to deal with these sweeteners, they ferment in the stomach leading to diarrhea and other problems.

If you notice that your stomach gets bloated or gassy after consuming foods that contain artificial sweeteners such as sugar-free gum, diet sodas, candy, etc, or need to visit the restroom more frequently after the consumption of sugar-free foods, you may have a sensitivity.

6. Good Posture

A poor posture pushes your stomach and hips forward creating the illusion that you have a bigger belly than you actually do. To take inches off your waist line instantly, learn to stand up straight. Even worse if you do workout, is that slouching can undo all the benefits of the ab exercises you may have done. If you slouch, you probably spend more time a day doing this at a desk or in your car than you spend on ab exercises. Good posture on the other hand is like an all day ab exercise.

7. Sip It

Green tea that is. Though not considered a miracle weight loss drug, researchers believe that green tea might help with weight control including reducing belly fat due to the fact that the caffeine in the tea helps to boost the rate at which the body burns calories.

Easy Steps You Can Do Now To Have A Flatter Belly Without Diet Or Exercise!

These are only a few suggestions for those looking for tips on how to lose belly fat without diet or exercise. For more rapid fat loss in the stomach area, an effective workout program is also required. If you are tired of being asked when you are due when you are not pregnant, visit and discover the secret to blasting away the stubborn belly fat. Also discover real foods that help with fat loss.

Candy Bouquets: How To Make A Fun Table Decoration For Your Wedding

When I first started making bouquets I was always trying to find different things to use in place of flowers. One thing I found that is fun and different to use is candy.

Candy bouquets make wonderful gifts and they are a great talking point at
weddings and receptions. They are really easy to make, and the end result is always popular. This is probably
because, not only are they colorful and fun, but they're edible as well!


You can make many different types of candy bouquets- In this article I will show you
how to make a candy bouquet in a teracotta pot, which will look absolutely

To make your own candy bouquet flower-pot, you will need:

- 1 Medium terracotta pot

- 1 Packet of lollipops or wrapped chocolates

- 1 Dried oasis brick

- 1 Piece of floristry wire

- 5 White roses purple centres

- 7 Purple roses

- Floristry wire and stem tape( if using chocolates)

STEP 1: Cut The Oasis

Using a piece of floristry wire to cut the oasis, so it will fit into the terracotta pot.
Make sure it fits in the pot firmly as you will be pushing the lollipop sticks, flowers
and leaves into it.

STEP 2: Trim The Flowers

The pot I am using is small so I will cut the flowers down. Cut just a little above half
way down the stem.
You do not need to wire or tape any of the flowers, just use the wire they are already

Note: If you are using wrapped chocolates you will need to wire and tape them.

STEP 3: Fan The Leaves

Place your leaves around the edge of the teracotta pot. If you slightly overlap the
leaves you will get a nice fan effect which will make the finished pot look much
more realistic.

Note: You may need to use one of the cut pieces of flower stem to put holes in the
oasis for the leaves to go in.

STEP 4: Insert The Roses

Place one rose in the centre of the pot. Push the next rose in at an angle near the
edge of the pot, and do the same with the next rose on the otherside of the pot.
Keep doing this until all the flowers are in the pot.

STEP 5: Insert Candy and Leaves

Now all you need to do to finish the candy bouquet is to fill the bouquet in with the
candy and leaves...

Place a lollipop between each flower, and keep doing this until all the lollipops are

If you have any more gaps fill them in with leaves and pearlies.

Step 6: Add A Ribon

As a nice finishing touch to the candy bouquet flower pot, you can place a ribbon
bow around the pot. You could also paint the pot before putting the flowers in. Even
add a figure of eight bow at the front edge of the pot if you wish.

A candy bouquet flower-pot makes a lovely table decoration for any occasion. The
good thing about this decoration is that you can just replace the lollipops once they
get eaten.

Candy Bouquets: How To Make A Fun Table Decoration For Your Wedding

Peta Fletcher has been making bouquets for over 14 years. Her website has Pictures of wedding bouquets as well as lots of free information on making your own bouquets, including details (and pictures) on How to make a candy bouquet