Easy Steps You Can Do Now To Have A Flatter Belly Without Diet Or Exercise!

A flatter belly is what most people especially women always say that they want the most when asked. While achieving a wash-board stomach or six pack may not be attainable for many, there are many habits that cause the belly to appear bigger than what it should be. If you want to know how to lose belly fat fast, here are some easy steps that can help you shrink your belly and have nothing to do with exercise or dieting.

1. Stress Management


Most people do not realize how stress can impact their overall health negatively and make the body more susceptible to sickness and disease. While being stressed out usually leads many people to grab a bag of chips or chocolate or some other foods that increase body fat, stress itself can actually lead to belly fat even without reaching for these foods.

Many experts have discovered that cortisol the stress hormone, actually leads to the body storing more fat cells around the stomach area. Why this happens remains unknown. Finding effective stress management techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, etc, to reduce stress, will not only improve your general health but you will be able to shrink your belly fat fast.

2. Hydration

You have probably heard it before but it works. Your body needs to be properly hydrated so that your cells do not hold on to water which would happen if your body is dehydrated which then leads to puffiness and water weight. Water also helps to ensure proper digestion which means that you will not be constipated or gassy which increases the size of the belly.

To prevent bloating which gives you a wider girth than you would normally have, ensure that you drink between eight to ten eight ounce glasses of water a day. Consider drinking a glass of hot water first thing in the morning with a touch of lemon added to it. This will help to kick start your digestion as well as your metabolism which will help burn more calories.

3. Sleeping Beauty

Ensuring that you get enough shut eye will help you lose belly fat. Not getting enough sleep messes up with the production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin which will cause you to be hungrier which usually leads to overeating. Most fitness professionals know that not getting enough sleep also makes work outs ineffective and the attempts to lose weight will fail if adequate sleep is not part of a weight loss plan. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and also see if you can go to bed by 9:00 PM at least one night a week.

4. Learn How To Breathe

Most people when they inhale or exhale, do so through their belly which causes the stomach to feel up with air. The proper way to breathe is to let the rib cage expand. To practice breathing properly, lie on your belly with an object such as a towel that is rolled up, placed across and under your navel and then start to breathe deeply.

This will ensure that you do not push your stomach out while breathing. You will be able to correctly breathe by expanding the ribcage and not the belly which will ensure that every part of the lungs receives air.

Practicing this every day for five to ten minutes will ensure that you become used to this proper way of breathing and it becomes second nature. It will also help you relieve stress which as discussed above will help to shrink belly fat.

5. Say No To Artificial Sweeteners

Or at least cut back on the amount you consume a day if you are sensitive to these artificial sweeteners as many people are. Being sensitive to these sweeteners means that they are unrecognizable as food by your body which will then not know how to break them down during digestion. Since the body does not know how to deal with these sweeteners, they ferment in the stomach leading to diarrhea and other problems.

If you notice that your stomach gets bloated or gassy after consuming foods that contain artificial sweeteners such as sugar-free gum, diet sodas, candy, etc, or need to visit the restroom more frequently after the consumption of sugar-free foods, you may have a sensitivity.

6. Good Posture

A poor posture pushes your stomach and hips forward creating the illusion that you have a bigger belly than you actually do. To take inches off your waist line instantly, learn to stand up straight. Even worse if you do workout, is that slouching can undo all the benefits of the ab exercises you may have done. If you slouch, you probably spend more time a day doing this at a desk or in your car than you spend on ab exercises. Good posture on the other hand is like an all day ab exercise.

7. Sip It

Green tea that is. Though not considered a miracle weight loss drug, researchers believe that green tea might help with weight control including reducing belly fat due to the fact that the caffeine in the tea helps to boost the rate at which the body burns calories.

Easy Steps You Can Do Now To Have A Flatter Belly Without Diet Or Exercise!

These are only a few suggestions for those looking for tips on how to lose belly fat without diet or exercise. For more rapid fat loss in the stomach area, an effective workout program is also required. If you are tired of being asked when you are due when you are not pregnant, visit http://losestubbornbellyfat.info/ and discover the secret to blasting away the stubborn belly fat. Also discover real foods that help with fat loss.