Kaak Bi Haleeb: Lebanese Dessert

Lebanon country is much talked about for its diverse culinary tradition and since many years, people have accepted Lebanese food due to its association with modernity as well as fast paced life.

Lebanon was under the control of several foreign powers and therefore we could see that influence the types of food the Lebanese generally eat. In the year 1516-1918, Lebanon was ruled by Ottoman turks who had presented many foods that actually became staples in the Lebanese diet, for instance cooking with lamb. Some of the famous dishes which are enjoyed all around the world are shawarma and kibbeh. Another very important Lebanese dish which you can get easily in every restaurant is knefe which is prepared with cheese and phyllo. Phyllo is nothing but a paper-thin sheets of flour dough.


No meal is complete without the dessert part. So why not try a great Lebanese dessert Kaak Bi Haleeb.This dish will give you a big reason to cheer! Take a look at this simplest recipe to explore on yummy Lebanese desserts.

The major ingredients required for making kaak Bi Haleeb are:

1 kg flour
200g melted butter
4 tbsp cooking oil
2 cups milk
400g sugar
2 tsp yeast
2 tsp powdered aromatic plants such as cherry seed, marjoram and aniseed


Take a bowl and mix the flour, yeast and aromatic plants and add oil and melted butter into that. Mix them appropriately. Take another bowl and dilute the sugar and milk and add to the previous mixture. Knead the mixture to make a soft dough. Keep the dough for 2 hours. Roll out flat cakes and keep them in a pre heated oven. Bake them on medium heat until they become kaaks. Once they are baked, you can take out from the oven and sprinkle some sugar on top. Allow them to dry. After they are completely dried, you can enjoy the tasty kaak Bi Haleeb.

Kaak Bi Haleeb: Lebanese Dessert

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