America's Favorite Desserts

There are a wide variety of great desserts in America, many of which have actually been adopted from other cultures, whether we know it or not. But, what are America's favorite desserts? It's hard to say exactly, but the following desserts are definitely crowd-pleasers in the States.

Hot Fudge Sundae


The hot fudge sundae is an old-time American favorite. It's also very simple to make. You just need some ice cream and hot fudge. Most people also add their favorite nuts and cherries on top as well. This makes a delicious treat that is easily one of America's favorite desserts.

Class Brownie

Brownies are a big time favorite with kids and seem to bring out the kid in most adults as well. Brownies can be made from pre-made mixes that can be bought from the grocery store, making it very simple and easy. Others might choose to actually make brownies from scratch, but either way you really can't go wrong with this popular dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are probably the most common cookie found in the US. These cookies fill cookie jars all across the country. Again, these are easily made by buying pre-made packages from the grocery store that only require you to throw them in the oven. Really, you can really find these cookies anywhere. You'll find it very difficult to find a store in America that sells cookies that doesn't sell chocolate chip cookies.

Lattice Pies

In American culture, the picture of a hot pie cooling off on a window seal is very common. These pies are usually lattice pies filled with fruits such as cherry or apple. They are not only in the movies though. They are very popular in American homes. Creating the lattice crust is sometimes difficult to pull off in an aesthetically pleasing way. Those that can do it, create a beautiful and delicious dessert.

Given the popularity of these desserts, there are a ton of different ways to make them. Everyone seems to have their own way of making their favorite dessert. Whether it was something that they stumbled upon themselves or a recipe that has been passed through the family or from a friend, you can rarely go wrong with any of these delicious desserts.

The Internet also provides numerous recipe versions for each of these desserts. To find a recipe that is sure to impress, visit this online recipe website today.

America's Favorite Desserts

Joseph Devine