The Other Side of Stressed is Desserts

If you read or spell backward the word STRESSED, it is actually DESSERTS! That's right, when we are stressed, try to eat dessert, you will feel better. Whether you experienced it or not, the next time you are stressed, eat a piece of cake, or drink a cup of cocktail juice, you will see wonders!

Try this: after a hard day work, take a chilled drink, sit down and have a sip, you will feel at ease, as if all the body cells are relaxing now! In Japan, the first thing after work is not eat dinner but drinking a glass of chilled beer. In every Chinese wedding dinner, the last dish is always dessert, being it hot or cold, just to make sure all the guests bring back the good memories.

\"Dessert Recipes\"

Top 10 Desserts in Asia that help to Stress Out are:

The Other Side of Stressed is Desserts

1. Tropical Fruits

Situated in tropical regions, Asia has various delicious tropical fruits that serve as daily desserts such

as papaya, banana, pineapple, guava. Seasonal fruits such as "Durian", "Rambutan" and jack fruit

are also popular.

2. Chinese Yam Paste

Peeled the yam, cut into small pieces, then steam it, after cooked, smashed it like mashed potato and cook it again with sugar until thicken; a very unique dessert in its own way.

3. Chinese "Longan" & "Lycee"

One of the favourite desserts of all time.

4. Thai "Thap Deem Cop"

A Thai dessert with coconut juice, water chest nut and jack fruit. Have it with ice.

5. Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream

My favourite of all ice cream. Make sure you taste the original green tea ice cream.

6. Indian Mango "Lassi" (yogurt drink)

"Lassi" is an Indian drink made from yogurt; though there are strawberry flavour, i like mango "lassi " the most.

7. Indonesian "Nagasari" Dumpling

A soft and fragrance dumpling made from coconut juice, fragrant leaves and special recipes.

8. Malaysian "Chendoi"

A famous dessert with red bean, spaghetti-strip made from fragrant leaves, immersed in coconut juice with ice.

9. Taiwanese Peanut Soup and "Wo Peng" (Wok Biscuit)

Peanut soup is hot, it is best savoured together with "Wo Peng ".

10. Home-made Cheese Cakes

Whether it is baked cheese cake, chilled cheese cake or mousse cheese cake, it is a must for any

happy occasions.

The Other Side of Stressed is Desserts

JB Yeoh