Candy Wrapper Purse Instructions Made Easy - 1 Amazing Resource For Cheap Wrapper Purse Supplies

So you want to find some good candy wrapper purse instructions so you can get started making your cute purse, right? As you probably have seen by now, instructions for these purses are fairly scattered around the internet. There's a little sketch here, a few paragraphs here, maybe some pictures here... etc, etc.

Well, there's good news for you!


You just stumbled into the end of your wrapper purse making hunt, because we're gonna take a look at the exact first steps we need to take to get started right here today with this article.

No more searching! Whoohoo! Ha ha!

Alright, so you've probably seen all the sites that sell these purses and you really like the luxurious feel they have to them when they use "exotic" Mexican candy wrappers and other labels ... right?

Let me tell you, that's what caught my eye, and what led me to figure out how to make these purses once and for all and set up a series of candy wrapper purse instructions just for you.

The secret to these expensive designer purses' materials is that they have contacts with different candy factories in Mexico and they worked out a deal to get left over scraps on big rolls.

They're beautiful materials ... all shiny and gorgeous ... but they'd be WAY too expensive for us to even think about getting.

So how in the world do all of us average, normal people get similar materials locally that we can actually afford?

Here's the really cool resource we can use: super cute materials can be found at those local "Dollar Stores" in your area!

I kid you not! You can find some really incredible materials there, but you gotta watch out.

Candy Wrapper Purse Instructions Made Easy - 1 Amazing Resource For Cheap Wrapper Purse Supplies

Please Note: I wanted to make it even easier for you know exactly what materials from the Dollar Store can actually be used and which ones are junk to avoid. So I made a video showing you exactly what materials to get for this very first step for your candy wrapper purse instructions. I snuck my video camera in my local Dollar Tree to show you all the good stuff (and the really bad stuff to avoid). Plus, I made several more videos showing you the following steps to make your purse.

So go ahead and start watching the videos at