Depersonalization Cure

Although depersonalization may feel "strange" and upsetting, it is important to understand that this anxiety related symptom does NOT indicate illness. Although you might feel spacey or "unreal" there is a logical explanation for this sensation. Do not be fooled into believing you are ill or suffer from an emotional illness. This is just not the case. Medication often exacerbates this sensation and that is why it is best to opt for the natural approach toward its eradication. It helps to realize your mind is simply tired, often from continued stress, worry or even a minor emotional shock.

It is often the culmination of extended tension or stress and although it may temporarily feel strange, does not indicate physical or mental illness. Nothing serious is occurring and you are not "losing it." Worry and fear only prolong this anxiety reaction. It further exhausts an already tired mind. Learning how to counter this behavior will relieve the depersonalization as the mind refreshes and rejuvenate. Extended worry equals lingering symptoms.


Therefore, in order to eliminate these sensations completely one must:

- Give up the attitude of worry. Accept the fact that you are not ill.

- Learn behavioral modifications to turn off anxious thinking. - Use a nutritional neutralizing diet to deflect these feelings and prevent their return.

- Begin boosting lowered serotonin levels

It Will Help To:

· Learn to shut down anxiety as this will also aid in relieving depersonalization.

· Avoid excess sweets (both sugars and especially sugar substitutes).

· Exercise in sunlight 20 minutes daily as this also boosts Serotonin.

· Lose yourself in an interest, a cause or something bigger than you. It helps tremendously.

· Stop checking in. The sensation will eventually go as it came. Let go of the worry.

· Try a natural approach before rushing into medications.

Adverse reactions, withdrawal symptoms and general side effects of many medications often hinder recovery

Depersonalization Cure

Dr. Ronnie Freedman
Anxiety Busters, Inc.
Depersonalization Cure Method and Program