4 Great Dessert Ideas

Desserts are an oh so wonderful thing. I enjoy desserts every time I can get to them. Lucky for my health's sake, I only get to them about once a month or so. I'm still a sucker for a great dessert, and I always save room for some any time I'm out for a nice meal. Here are a few ideas for desserts that you may appreciate next time you're at a loss for ideas.

1. Dark chocolate pudding. It's a bit more bitter than mousse, but it's just as rich. If you like the idea of mousse but think it's too sweet, you'll love this treat.


2. Bread pudding. This is a great, traditional dessert that you'll find at many restaurants (especially pubs), but the right bread pudding can be absolutely delicious. Try throwing some brown sugar into it and you'll be set.

3. Apple cider flavored donuts. Apple cider donuts are a delicious dessert. Glazed in apple cider with a traditional base, these are truly delicious. Throw in some caramel for an extra treat and you'll be wanting these every night.

4. Like white chocolate? Well, here's one more idea. White chocolate raspberry cheesecake. There's something about white chocolate and raspberry that goes really well together. Throw in a little cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, and this is a legendary dessert that you'll never stop thinking about once you've had it.

Anyway, here are four of the many great desserts out there. I hope I've triggered a new idea for you!

4 Great Dessert Ideas

I reheat my apple cider donuts with a DeLonghi toaster and a DeLonghi toaster convection oven. This always does the job.